August 08, Richard, Dead Strange

Holy Moly Indeed

WOW-- has it been since November? YIKES! Well, as filler, Richard has been back in the UK a few months now, and has even had a birthday in the meantime. Sent him happy Father's Day regards this morning, and he was kind enough to send back a link, with a recent photo, from last Friday, in fact. I shall post it forthwith and MY what a handsome shot!Hope the link works for you!
August 08, Richard, Dead Strange

Oh My

Well, it's been awhile, hasn't it? Richard's in NZ as I write, gearing up for a stint as narrator for the RH tour, Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington, I think. Spent a week in Tokoyo, bit of business and pleasure, end of October. He reports it is great to be home in NZ (big surprise) and he's looking forward to special family time. Depending on on-line access, he'll be in touch on and off. Looking forward to reviews of the tour from NZ, when anyone can find and post them here-- and pix of course!

Richard O'Brien Sings "She's Got an Alien Heart"

Richard O'Brien provides the voice of the main characters' father on the Disney Channel cartoon Phineas and Ferb, which is currently our son Richard's favorite show (and Q and I like it, too). Even though almost every episode has at least one original song in it, and just about every other character has sung at least one song, we still haven't seen Richard O'Brien's character sing. Well, until now. In a new episode entitled "Ladies and Gentlemen, Meet Max Modem!" (which has so far not been broadcast in America yet, but has been aired in Latin America dubbed over in Spanish; the video above has O'Brien's audio), Lawrence Fletcher (O'Brien), who runs an antique store (no word on whether or not he kicks people out for mentioning Rocky Horror) gets onto the bill at a retro concert by masquerading as an 80s one-hit wonder named Max Modem (with help from Phineas and Ferb). The costume looks Transylvanian space suit-esque, his blond hair has a banaa point, and the flashing "MM" lights at 1:07 remind me of Marriage Maze. Anyway, the reason they're there is that his wife actually is an 80s one-hit wonder (Lindana) and she's one of the other performers…

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