Awright, so the domain name hub-bub is all finished, and I'm rebuilding robcrusade.com.

So. Anyone with news, pictures, drawings, stories... now is your chance (well, actually, WHENEVER is your chance, but now's your chance to start) to give me things to put up on the site.

One of the things I'm adding to the site is a fan area, so if there's something you think should be in there (haven't constructed it just yet) you can let me know. I've got the basics... fan art, stories (let's keep it pg-13 and below, folks), personal stories of meeting Richard, personal reviews of his projects.

Oh, and a note to Devin- I already have like 80 screencaps of Night Train, so don't send that. ;)

Alrighty folks, send stuff in to:


The site is currently back up in its older form, the new one should debut in about a month or so.... and you had BETTER LIKE IT with all the bloody copy/pasting I've been doing. My God. Srsly, I wondered why I hadn't done an overhaul earlier and here is the answer: It is mind-numbingly I'd-rather-listen-to-an-audiobook-of-Marcel-Marceau BORING!!!

Ah well, back to the grind wheel.....
Rocky Horror

Just So You Know

After yesterday's alert, I slapped down a bit of money to renew the domain name (turns out you don't have to be the domain owner or have the username/password to do that), and http://robcrusade.com/ is back up.

  • Now that this has brought Q's attention back to the site, she's promised to give the ROBC some much-overdue updates. She started working on that last night.
  • A few people offered her space to relocate the site to. Q appreciates the offers, and they are all under consideration.
  • For the person who offered "wee funds to perk something along", I'll show Q how to set up a PayPal donation button.

You may now return to the previous subjects of discussion, whatever they are.

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Can it be????

Oh the horror. Bopping around on some otherwise reliable links, was horrified to find Q's old ROB Crusade site is no more. Expired. Ran out. Dissolved. Too bad, as the world's best one stop shop for RoB info, compedium of films, photos, events. Pretty disturbing-- was anyone offered to take over? Very disappointing as new fans will have no crash source for real info. Well, here's to ya! Onward.

Night Train Caps

I don't know why these ended up out of order - I had a hell of a time getting them to upload as a single batch. Anyway, I was given the DVD of Night Train to review (it comes out July 7th) over at dvdcorner.net. I hadn't even asked the guy who runs the site for the film, so I was pleasantly surprised. :)

Oh, and my review is HERE if you were curious. I only briefly mentioned Richard because, unfortunately, his part is small (though amazing, of course - I'd say he has about ten minutes of screen time, but there's a lovely interview with him on the bonus features AND he's in drag [big surprise], so it's definitely worth owning). The movie is worth watching, though; I liked it a lot.

Anyway, these caps contain SPOILERS. I highly, HIGHLY recommend not viewing them until you've seen the film. Apologies for the fact that they're out of order somewhat.

Click on Poochie to be taken to the gallery.
August 08, Richard, Dead Strange

News From Across the Pond

Time for an update, I suppose-- and BTW as I write, Chell (sockglue) is having lunch at Pat Quinn's house. Richard news: He was one of the judges of the Alternate Miss World contest (or whatever it's called) earlier this month, along with Tim Curry, Pat Quinn and a host of others. Auditions are being held early June for the Stripper, completed by Ritz and Richard Hartley-- casting call just posted on line-- early June. It's scheduled for a 3 week run in a theatre outside London, starting 1 Sept, then a week in Glasgow and a week in Milton Keyns (not sure of the spelling) Been a long while, hope it makes its way west some day!