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Richard O'Brien : God of Cult
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Richard O'Brien : God of Cult

Welcome to richardobrien, a community dedicated to (how surprising!) Richard O'Brien, most well-known for writing and starring in The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Shock Treatment.

This community, however, will focus on all aspects of Richard's career: Kimi and Ritz, The Stripper, Mephistopheles Smith, Absolute O'Brien, Transfandango, The Crystal Maze. You get the point.

We all know you love the Rocky Horror Show, so unless you have something AMAZINGLY RITZ-FABULOUS to say about it, try to put general Rocky posts in rockyhorrorshow. I'm not saying don't post about the RHS...I'm just saying, if you want to talk about Richard's role as an actor/writer of it, that's fine. Riff pics? Go nuts. But if you're talking about Tim Curry or something, take it elsewhere, please.

Please, DO Post Richard-Related:
- graphics/icons/banners
- sound files
- video clips
- news
- quotes
- factoids
- boring tales of why you like him, how you met him, etc.
- photos of Richard

Please, DO NOT Post:
- advertisements for non-Richard/Rocky communities
- quizzes/surveys
- pics of you asking if you look like Richard - trust me, you don't
- Richard's home address
- scans of the crap you stole from his compost heap

Pull up a chair, kick your feet up, and let the ROCKING IN HELL begin!

-yobadself, your usually-friendly hostess, and liquiddatura, your gorgeous honorary co-host


Many, many images have been found at robcrusade.com, so much thanks and recognition over thaaaataway.

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